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Possible Advanced Purchase Savings

London  Manchester  £11.50  Save £57.50
London Liverpool  £12.50 Save £56.50
Nottingham London  £11.20  Save £37.70
Bristol  London  £10.00 Save £18.00
Bath London £10.40 Save £22.00
London Birmingham £8.40 Save £37.60
London Glasgow  £16.50 Save £37.50
Doncaster  London £10.00 Save £22.30
Newcastle York £5.80 Save £12.40 
Edinburgh  Newcastle £13.60 Save £28.60
York London £22.15 Save £22.00 
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Possible Split Ticketing Savings

*Cambridge Starbeck Saving 58.39%
*Chesterfield Norwich Saving 83.09%
*Windermere Edinburgh Saving 78.54%
*Tamworth Newcastle Saving 62.86%
*Edinburgh Lincoln Saving 47.84%
*Kirkcaldy Blackpool Saving 53.68%
*Newcastle Skegness Saving 48.63%
*Carmarthen Reading Saving 44.63%
*Derby Cardiff Saving 66.34%
*Newcastle Motherwell Saving 59.24%
*Peterborough Gatwick Saving 46.01%
*Cardiff Chester Saving 45.95%
    *Savings recorded on the 03/09/2013

How To Buy Cheap Train Tickets

Tips and advice on how to get truly cheap train tickets. By using one of the tips below you should be able to save on the purchase of  train tickets.

Advanced Purchase (Save Up To 60%)

Please note as a general rule, tickets cost less the further ahead you book.

The majority of rail journeys can be booked up to 90 days (3 months) before the date of departure. The earlier you book, the cheaper the cost will be. However advanced ticket purchasing runs up to 6.30pm the day before travel so bargains are still available even the day before. If you’re flexible with your travel dates then you may be able to pick up a cheaper deal midweek travelling at weekend and peak times is always more expensive. You can end up paying up to 60% less for your rail fares by booking early.

The following companies are taking bookings up till these dates
Virgin Trains East Coast06 May
Virgin Trains29 April
Great Western Railway06 May
Arriva Trains Wales08 May
Chiltern Railways01 May
London Midland29 April
ScotRail06 May
East Midlands Trains06 May
AbellioGreaterAnglia06 May
Southern22 April
Grand Central05 May
CrossCountry08 May
TransPennine Express07 May
South West Trains08 May
Hull Trains06 May
Northern Rail30 April

Split Ticketing (Save Up To 83%)

Instead of buying one train ticket for your whole journey, splitting your train ticket by buying tickets for each of its constituent parts separately can dramatically reduce the price of your train tickets even though you're travelling on exactly the same train, at the same time and are saving a considerable sum from the normal train ticket price..

Lets take for example, a return trip to Edinburgh, it could be cheaper to buy a single ticket to York and then from York to Edinburgh, rather than a return for the whole journey. Rail firms don’t advertise the fact that you can save money by doing this, but this way of buying train tickets for your journey is perfectly legal.

The only condition that applies is that the train you take must stop at all the stations you have bought tickets for, not just pass through them. However, if the split journey involves a change, it can be a problem if your journey is delayed and you miss your connecting train to your destination.

Split ticketing often works out cheaper because different train companies set the prices for different sections of the journey. If you were to travel from Carlisle to Manchester, the fare is set by Virgin Trains, because they are the lead operator. But if you split your ticket at Preston, the first section of the journey is set by Trans Pennine and the second section by Northern Rail. The overall cost of the two journey portions, for a standard off-peak ticket, is cheaper than a standard Virgin ticket for the entire journey. Savings of up to 83% can be found by splitting your ticket.

Singles instead of a Return

Nowadays it may be cheaper to buy two singles instead of a return. This is because special offers may be applied to the single tickets but not the return ticket.

Off Peak - Peak

Price differences between off peak and peak travel can be quite considerable and by using the split ticketing method you will only pay for the peak travel ticket that you use during those times (7.30am - 10am and 4.30pm - 7pm). However ensure that you are only travelling during the hours with the appropriate peak type ticket as you will be charged to upgrade if found with an off peak during peak.